Our Team

Dr Michael Glen

Staff05I graduated in 1980 from Otago Medical School, spent a couple of years as a House Officer at Christchurch Hospital, then travelled to the UK via Asia on our OE. I completed a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London then returned to do my GP training and gained my Fellowship of the College of GPs.        I have  three lovely children who are now independent young adults, all following their respective careers and training. I am immensely proud of them, like all parents. I, also have a supportive and caring partner, who for her sins gets to share my life.                                                                                                                                                                                         My other love in life is my plane. I helped build it from a kit over three years and now fly regularly around the countryside. Both the actual building and the flying are great contrasts to medicine and provide good relaxation, pure fun and hopefully make me more balanced.                                                                    2015 marked my 30 years in General Practice here at Waltham ! It continues to be an amazing privilege to work within this community.

Dr Janet Blackman  (Please note Dr Blackman is currently not taking new patients.)


 I qualified from Otago University Medical School in 1979. I realised as a medical student that I wanted to be a GP, so that I could develop long-term relationships with patients and their families. I have been working at Waltham Medical Centre since 1990 and over that time have been privileged to be involved in the care of up to four generations of many families. I am now seeing children of some of the babies I delivered earlier in my career. I love working with people of any age. Being involved with babies and watching them grow is a particular delight. I also enjoy the challenges of working with people of an older age, both in their own homes and residential care.

Dr Jeffrey Thompson

Staff03“Doctor Jeff” is a mature and experienced GP. Originally from North of England he has resided in New Zealand for 25 years. He is passionate about providing good quality Primary care and has a special interest in Children’s Health, having worked for several years in Hospital Paediatrics in the UK. Outside of the Surgery he enjoys keeping fit by cycling in the summer, skiing in the winter and Scuba Diving anywhere where it is a bit warmer in the water than Canterbury.

Dr Joanna Standage

Staff04Jo has lived in Christchurch all her life. She trained in medicine at Otago Medical School and after graduating she  worked for several years at Christchurch Hospital before moving in to General Practice. Jo has been a GP at Waltham Medical Centre since 1999 and enjoys interacting and providing healthcare for a wide variety of people from all walks of life.                     

 Our Nursing Team

Tracey, Jane, Letitia and Stephanie

Our Reception Team

Staff01-1Pauline (Practice Manager), Jan and Karina (Receptionists)