Waltham Medical Centre is a friendly, family-orientated practice where everyone is welcome. We have been providing healthcare for St Martins, Waltham and the surrounding suburbs since 1947.

We are a 4 doctor practice and have a pharmacy, physiotherapist and dentist on site, who operate as separate businesses from us. There is plenty of car parking on site and all facilities have wheelchair access.

Our aim is to provide high quality health care in a caring and supportive environment.

Influenza season

Canterbury is already experiencing high numbers of Influenza cases this winter. The main strain is Type A H3N2, which is included in this years Flu vaccine. Unfortunately due to an international shortage of Flu vaccines this year, we are only able to vaccinate those who fit a narrow criteria.  For information on whether you are eligible please phone Waltham Medical Centre.

If you are presenting at the medical centre with flu like symptoms, please advise reception of this, use the handsanitiser provided and put on a mask on to protect others around you. You are welcome to request a side room to wait in if needed.

**We now have shingles vaccine (Zostavax) available free for patients 65-80years until the end of 2019. Please phone Waltham Medical Centre to make an appointment for this.  NOTE: you will be required to complete a checklist prior to having the vaccination.

Open Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm  (except for public holidays)

Contact us 

Waltham Medical Centre
83 Waltham Road

Tel:  03 366 1536
Fax: 03 366 2476